IAP Kerala state branch was formed in 1971.The founder President was Dr.K.J .Jacob and founder secretary was Dr.K.P.B.Nair .Now Kerala IAP has completed 48years and in one of the most active state branch with more than 2000 members.
There has been three National Presidents from Kerala so far,Dr.M.K.C.Nair-2004,Dr.T.U.Sukumaran-2011,Dr.S.Sachidananda Kamath-2015 and
one NNF National President –Dr.M.K.C.Nair (2011).
Dr Remeshkumar is our honorary secretary general
( 2018-19) now.

Greatest achievement is in the field of encouraging exclusive breast feeding .Kerala is the first state to be declared as Baby Friendly as per BFHI(2002-August).

IAP Kerala co-operate with various government programmes of infant, child and adolescent health as an official partner. Kerala is among the top few states in maintaining lower Infant mortality rate ,Under five mortality rate,controlling infectious diseases,high immunisation coverage etc.
IAP Kerala actively participated in Pulse polio programme,National ARI and ADD control programme,NSSK,Nipah control activities, flood relief activities ,MR campaign, Disability assessment , epilepsy awareness and pocso awareness programmes.

IAP Kerala has taken initiative in Newborn hearing screeing (first in Cochin)and now it has became a statewide programme. Also for screening for congenital hypothyroidism and other disorders.

IAP Kerala had taken a great role in bringing down IMR to single digit as an active partner for Govt in infant death auditing & also providing trainers for NRP, NSSK programmes for doctors, staff nurses, JPHN s etc for betterment of neonatal and childcare in our state.

IAP Kerala has taken new challenges this year, With new presidential action plan PIVOT by Dr M K Santhosh and team ,more focus is on pain and palliative care in children, parenting, perinatology etc. With all our esteemed members , Govt & public support we can do more better service in the field of infant, child and adolescent Health.


IAP Kerala President 2019