President’s Message


Respected seniors and dear colleagues,

At the outset let me express my respects and gratitude to all of you for giving me an opportunity to serve IAP Kerala in its golden Jubilee year as its President .IAP Kerala over the years has become an important professional organization safe guarding the health of children of our state. Now we have a role in helping the administrators in many important issues concerning child health like immunization, infant death audit, child friendly school, epidemic control activities etc

The year 2020 was a hectic year of activities for IAP Kerala under the able leadership of Dr Narayanan and Dr Balachander and we have demonstrated that team IAP Kerala is unstoppable by winning the best branch award and thirteen of the fourteen national awards. It culminated in our dear friend Dr Ramesh Kumar being elected as the national president elect with a remarkable vote share. I offer my best wishes to him .

This year also we have drafted an action plan PROGRESS with some novel projects at the same time continuing a few of the previous year’s action plans uninterrupted. Dr Vijayakumar , who is the president elect for this year is the action plan coordinator for the year and we hope to continue many of these programs uninterrupted for the next year also

Most important components of the PROGRESS are

  • Pediatric trauma protocol and the disaster management –A comprehensive module for the management of trauma as it is one of the important cause of mortality
  • Pediatric Asthma and aerosol therapy-Proper use of aerosol devices
  • A Research methodology module for practitioners and post graduates including a workshop on publishing a paper and how to evaluate an article
  • A module on common dental problems and oral health of children
  • Promoting rational antibiotic therapy in office practice, importance of antibiotic stewardship and an attempt to prepare an antibiogram for our state
  • Registry and access to care for Pediatric cancers in association with government of Kerala and voluntary organizations working in this field
  • Promoting early detection of disabilities in children facilitating better quality of life and preventing/reducing long term morbidity
  • Early detection of primary immunodeficiency disorders
  • A comprehensive module to address the important social issue of increasing adolescent suicides, to make awareness of existence of this problem and to enable pediatricians in identifying suicidal ideations and various mental disorders which can lead to suicides , facilitating timely help from mental health professionals. Recognizing the important role pediatricians can play in reducing this issue of contemporary relevance
  • Strategies to prevent and reduce perinatal asphyxia in association with NNF and perinatology chapter which continues to be an important cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality
  • To popularize universal newborn screening
  • To continue many of the important plans of the previous year uninterrupted
  • Baby friendly Hospital initiatives
  • Infant death audit program
  • Hearing friendly hospital initiative
  • TB free air
  • Breast milk banking
  • Bridging the gaps in immunization and popularizing the immunization app
  • Empowerment of general practitioners-Continuing education programs in association with IMA branches
  • In addition we have aim to increase the membership strength and to start more subspecialty chapters and subspecialty groups and to strengthen the existing ones as it forms the backbone for the growth of our academy
  • I am sure with the support of all of you , we can complete our tasks and look forward for an active IAP year as the world unfolds from the pandemic
  • With best wishes
    Jai IAP
    Yours in Academy service
    Dr TP Jayaraman MD DCH DNB FIAP
    Dane Diagnostics, Palakkad 678014