Recent Activities

Release of procedural pain module at Kozhikode

Presidential action plan -Release of procedural pain module

Free medical camp IAP Thrissur

Fitness club IAP Wayanad

=”×469.jpg” alt=”” width=”900″ height=”412″ class=”size-large wp-image-8068″ /> Dr Johny Sebastian, state Joint secretary honoured by IAP Thalassery[/caption]

Training for RBSK nurses Dr Anil Vincent IAP Alappuzha president

Installation of IAP Wayanad office bearers

Panel discussion on pneumonia IAP Kozhikode

Class on “How to sharpen our memory” by Prof Dr Mohammed kunju

Workshop on academic issues IAP Madhyakerala

Our HSG Dr Remeshkumar honoured by CIAP respiratory chapter [caption id="attachment_8029" align="alignnone" width="900"] Disability clinic at kottayam


Family meet IAP Trivandrum

LIap trivandrum family meet

State neocon

Iap kozhikode family meet and installation

Dr Anandakesavan

Parenting programme

All about fever programme

Perinatology chapter inauguration

Parenting programme

Dr Anandakesavan at neurology conference


Recent Activities