It’s with extreme happiness, I am writing this message as the State Sec as we start the year 2020. The year went uneventfully but well noticed because of the newly started website by Dr Ranjith. P. I am thankful to all my seniors, teachers, friends who took up the activities and made IAP Kerala proud. I am specially grateful to our HSG Remesh Sir, for the support and encouragement. We, the IAP Kerala family should be proud of our HSG for alloting many CIAP modules which was very useful to the members . Finally we are blessed with our National leaders MKC Sir, Kamath Sir and Sukumaran Sir, NEBM and VP elect AK Sir we the state team for constant encouragement and support.
The success story of a team is based on the Presidential Action Plan which Santosh Sir has made. Thankful to him for the motivation and encouragement to do my job.
Our commitment to children at large and public was made possible only because of branch office bearers and members. Without them there’s no state IAP. Almost 70% of the branches did well with the activities especially Kozhikode, Thrissur, Malanad, Wayanad, Kanhangad, PTA and Trivandrum, 20% did well but not reported and 10% had the motivation but no manpower. We were able to communicate with 2500+ members through different electronic media and hard copies, because of our three friends, Ranjith, Vishnu and dear Vijayakymar Sir.We had our uninterrupted 12th edn of IAP Today and I should congratulate and thank my dear friends Vishnu and the zonal coordinators specially Ranjith,Nisha & Manu. The Companion also was continued without any financial burden for 5 consecutive years by Vijayakumar Sir. Kannur Pedicon was unique in hospitality, food and academics. Congratulating the team under Ansari Sir and Nandakumar. As we proceed to next year 2020, I feel that our colleagues expect more from the state and I an sure under the Presidentship of Narayanan Sir, who is also a good leader& organizer, we will do justice. The action plan of 20 for 2020 will be an excellent one if all our members contribute. Our President has great ideas as he has proved in the past as a leader and organizer.
Last year, we did excellent charity works especially Malappuram, Kozhikode, Wayanad and Kottayam. This year also expecting more from other branches especially in the World Obesity day and AMA week.
I should thank my Kottayam Iapians and Jayakumar Sir who stood with me at difficult times. And expecting more support from my home .

With regards
Jai Hind, Jai IAP
Dr Balachandar D